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Planning your trip should be FUN, not stressful.

Specializing in cruises & tours in Europe, US, Canada & the Islands.

Your Colorado based, IATAN Accredited travel agent & consultant for your vacation to Europe, Canada, the US, the Islands, Small Group Trips, Family Trips and Golf Trips.

Are you overwhelmed with all of the information when you try to research your destination? Do you want help finding the right trip for YOU? Are you running the hamster ball trying to handle work and life and planning your trip at the same time?

We can help you plan the vacation of your dreams (even if your dreams are as nebulous as a rainbow). We can help you figure out what is important to you and how to best make use of your precious vacation time.

Five reasons why you should contact me for help with your trip:

  • I am a former software developer, so I have experience keeping my focus in the midst of chaos as well as organizing and prioritizing tasks. I will keep your trip organized by managing tasks and payments and helping you with flights so you don't get to your destination after your ship has left the shore.
  • I'm the oldest of 5. When something needs to get done, I know how to get it done. If you have any issues while planning your trip or while on your trip, I'll get them straightened out.
  • I'm a mom. I'm used to being pulled in different directions at one time and I'm good at multi-tasking. You will not be my only client, but you'll feel like you are!
  • I've been in the travel business for 10 years and have a strong testimonials from former clients who have been very thankful for my help. For example, "I can't believe all that you are doing. You amaze me! Thank you for all your great information and constant watching out for us."
  • I enjoy helping people. It seriously pains me to see people making mistakes while planning to travel and while traveling.

A Happy Place Travel LLC is the is the parent of two specialty travel groups:
  1. It's Celtic Time! - focuses on travel to Scotland and Ireland.
  2. Beyond the Crowds - focuses on small group travel.

It's Celtic Time!

Travel to Scotland and Ireland


  • Small Group, 8 night Outlander Tours of Scotland
  • Small Group or Independent travel in Scotland
  • Small Group or Independent travel in Ireland

Beyond the Crowds

Small Group, Small Ship & Independent Travel


  • AmaWaterways River Cruise on the Danube
  • Explore the Galapagos with G-Adventures
  • Sail the Greek Islands with Star Clippers

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